Make These Three Bets On The 2022 Hot Dog Eating Contest

2022 Hot Dog Betting Picks

There's no better way to begin the Fourth of July than winning multiple bets at the 2022 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, which is happening at Coney Island per tradition. Here's your complete look at the eating competition, plus our three best bets to make on the contest. Keep reading on for our expert advice!

Two events will go down on July 4th — one for the men and the other for the women. Each work in the same exact fashion: eaters have 10 minutes to guzzle as many hot dogs down their throat without puking their guts out. Finish with the most and end in glory, plus the "mustard belt" championship.

Per usual, the men's event is completely lopsided, favoring the all-time great Joey Chestnut. He's won 14 of the past 15 competitions — most of which in blowout fashion. Therefore, it's zero surprise that top-rated betting sites have the men's competition as a Chestnut vs. the field type of bet. Here's a look at the odds:

Best Bets To Make For 2022 Hot Dog Eating Competition

You see the Chestnut vs. field odds above and it's obvious that there's zero money to be made on that wager, unless you're gutsy enough to think that Chestnut will fail to take the mustard belt once again. We'll be upfront and say that's not us. It's not about if Chestnut will win, but how, for us. That leads us to making prop bets on the 2022 hot dog eating competition instead. These are much richer in betting value and we're eyeing the three props underneath the most:

Chestnut's Personal Record Prop Bet


Chestnut's dominance in the "sport" is best illustrated by his world record of 76 hot dogs eaten during the 2021 outing. It broke his own record of 75 during the year before. To put the mark in comparison, the next-best eater (Geoffrey Esper) scarfed down only 50 last year — or 33 percent less than Chestnut. Former eater, Kobayashi, who helped put the competition on the map, topped out at 69 (in a different hot dog competition albeit). So it's painfully obvious that Chestnut is in a class of his own.

We're betting that he once again bests himself and shatters his world record. It would be on-trend with his recent performances. Here is how Chestnut has finished each of the past six years (from most recent to oldest): 76, 75, 71, 74, 72, and 70. Aside from the 71-dog performance in 2019, Chestnut has continuously upped his eating performance. Ride that trend to bank this year!

Joey Chestnut To beat personal record at 2022 hot dog eating comeption

Over/Under Hot Dogs Eaten By Miki Sudo

The women's competition is also dominated by one person and that's Miki Sudo. She's won seven of the 12 events that have happened in history for women only. All seven wins came during an unbeaten streak between 2014 and 2020. That streak ended last year, only because Sudo was eight months pregnant and failed to participate, setting up a win for Michelle Lesco. Sudo is also a massive favorite to win outright in 2022, which leads us to bet her over/under dog count that's set at 47.5:

Over 47.5 hot dogs+110+110
Under 47.5 hot dogs-140-140

The 47.5 total comes just under her world record of 48.5 set in 2020. It appears oddsmakers expect her to have some "rust" due to not competing a year ago. However, she's been incredibly active throughout 2021 in other eating competitions. This leads us to believe Sudo is primed to create a new world record, which would be at least 49 hot dogs eaten. Akin to Chestnut, she has a habit of improving her results year after year, which is what we're banking happens once again.

Over 47.5 hot dogs eaten by Miki Sudo at 2022 hot dog eating comeption

Sudo vs. Nick Wehry Bet

Alright, here's a super fun bet. Sudo is dating men's eater Nick Wehry, who share the baby that forced Sudo to sit-out of the 2021 event. Bookies have created a head-to-head bet between the couple on who can guzzle down more hot dogs. As it stands right now, Wehry is the betting favorite:

Nick Wehry-155-155
Miki Sudo+125+125

Wehry is certainly no slouch. He has placed third overall in back-to-back years with eating totals of 44 (2021) and 39.5 (2020). However, none of those are better than Sudo's all-time best of 48.5. We've already said Sudo is topping that mark, and if so, that would put her far out of Wehry's historical capacity. Therefore, we're taking Wehry to win the "battle of the genders" bet.

Miki Sudo to outeat Nick Wehry at 2022 hot dog eating comeption

How To Watch The 2022 Hot Dog Eating Contest?

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating competition is either must-watch or completely unbearable television — depending on your own stomach. If you fall into the former category, then you need to go to ESPN to watch the 2022 hot dog eating competition. ESPN has sole broadcasting rights to the event.

The action kicks off with the women's contest at 10:45 am EST on ESPN3. After that, the men's competition takes place at 12 pm EST on ESPNEWS. If you have morning plans on Independence Day, then stay tuned for re-airs on ESPN at 4 pm EST and 10 pm EST.

How To Bet On The 2022 Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Visit one of the listed bookies below to bet on the 2022 hot dog eating contest. Signing up and funding your account with an easy payment method can happen within minutes of reading this sentence. That action could unlock a lucrative bonus offer worth thousands of dollars in free play too. See the table below for ways to get started right now so you can lock in your eating competition bets right away.