Everybody wants to make money without really having to try. This especially goes for people who enjoy betting on sports. The dream of finding a sports betting system that pays big and eliminates the uncertainty behind wagering will always exist. Plenty of snake oil merchants advertise their services as betting gurus and expert handicappers. They’re happy to take your money in exchange for the sports betting system they’ve personally developed and verified as a winner. [+]

For this reason, it’s important to stop and think before you decide to hand over your hard earned cash to someone who claims to have all the wagering answers you desire.

Whether It’s Worth It To Purchase A Betting System

There are a variety of ways to give up your money to someone who’s selling you their bulletproof sports betting system. Some people make a quick buck by selling cheap eBooks with worthless contents or information that really isn’t of use. Even worse, they seek to back up their claims through a ludicrous system that just doesn’t make sense.

Another type of sports betting system that you may purchase is more of a service rather than a product. In these systems, you put money up front and have it controlled by the company that fronts the wagering system. These sports betting systems are much more dangerous than the type that you quickly buy in the form of a book, because you actually give control of your money over to someone who is willing to take risks with your currency, without having enough faith to take the same risk with their own cash.

In both cases, the chances are overwhelming that you’re stepping into a scam, lured perhaps by expert marketing or your desire to believe that you’ve discovered a way to print money. Some betting books provide insight into trends or statistics that give you an edge or provide a framework for eventual profit, but there are no systems you can buy that will result in a windfall.

No System Is Foolproof

Sports are unpredictable by nature. That's why the games are played. There's simply no way to predict with certainty the outcome of any individual match or game, which is part of the reason people love sports to begin with.

Logically, it doesn't make sense that anyone would sell a sports betting system that produces significant profits because the oddsmakers would simply adjust, rendering the system useless. The truth is that if anyone had a sports betting system that worked even 70 or 80 percent of the time, they would keep all the profits for themselves rather than sell the system for $20 a pop.

True, there are some systems that work some of the time, but for the most part you should consider sports betting systems as another piece of information that provides a bit of potential insight into who might win the game.