How To Bet On Hockey

It’s called the world’s fastest team sport. Hockey combines the best of all the other sports – the accurary of baseball, the brutality of football, the creativity of basketball and the grace of soccer. It’s fast paced and requires a keen eye to follow the action, just as it requires a keen mind to decipher the action available to be wagered upon. With 30 teams and a salary cap in place, the National Hockey League is as close as ever in terms of parity throughout its nearly century of existence. [+]

The separation between the top teams and those that miss the playoffs is minute, and blowout games are few and far between, so that means good prices are available on games most every night. The smart bettor who is willing to put in time and follow the game closely has the ablity to make money wagering on hockey.

Best Hockey Betting Lines

Finding the best hockey betting lines is something that will demand patient study and a willingness to put in the time to unearth trends and tendencies. [+]

Know the rivalries that exist and be aware that often in these games, the form charts go out the window, as tradition overrules the facts. Watch for so-called trap games – a team returning home from a long road trip, or looking to get some action for their back-up goalie in the second night of back-to-back contests. A coaching change will often inject life into a team at first, as players fear if they don’t step it up, they might be the next to be sent packing. 

Understand the teams that are homers – they win all the time on their own rink, and also recognize that some teams are road warriors, capable of taking their show away from home and coming away with the two points. Injuries are always a key factor, so regular checks of the injury reports are essential before any bet is laid down.

Pay attention to these and other factors and like the players themselves, those willing to work at their craft will find their efforts to be rewarding. 


What Are The Hockey Standings

These are the hockey standings. Study them daily. Know them because they are your lifeline to successful wagering. Recognize the teams that score, the teams that defend well, the teams that stubborn at home and the teams that are stellar on the road. 

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