Off Track Betting Mississippi

Mississippi is like a handful of other states without much of a horse racing culture, and nothing in the way of off track betting or simulcast wagering facilities, despite the fact it butts up to big horse racing states like Arkansas and Louisiana. There are a number of casinos for slots, table games, and poker but the only option for horseplayers wanting to handicap the ponies and place their bets in Mississippi is with a legit online racebook. 

Mississippi Off Track Betting Sites

Take some time to check out our racebook reviews and contact the site to see if they'll take your wagers. Online racebooks offer a number of features that you just don't get at the track, including promotions like daily or weekly cash back on total volume of bets, prop betting in head-to-head matchups and future wagers, and sign up or first deposit bonuses. 

Online racebooks also often offer rewards programs, like the Bovada awards program that awards points for the dollar amount of money bet or the dollar amount of money won, daily, whichever is less. For horse racing, 40 points are awarded for every $1 spent on a straight wager, and 60 points are awarded for every $1 spent on an exotic bet.

Points can then be cashed out for money to be used on other wagers, with the ratio depending on the reward level the player belongs to. In addition, Bovada offers daily cash back on losses, from 5% to 15%, again depending on the reward level you're at.  

Mississippi OTB