People love a good underdog success story, especially baseball betting aficionados who rake in solid returns by correctly predicting an underdog victory. The returns when you win betting on underdogs are good for a reason: the favorite is more likely to win. Any betting system that finds trends relating to underdogs leans on the fact that return on investment is higher than expected due to profitable gaps in underdog winning percentage and the odds given for predicting a win.

Similar to other sports betting systems that don’t require a lot of calculation, the departing dogs betting system focuses on exploiting a specific situation in which underdogs win more often then they should, given the odds.

Departing Dogs Betting System Review

Major League Baseball’s regular season is a lengthy, 162-game march to qualify for the playoffs, providing a large sample of data for statisticians to pour over in an attempt to find proof that backs up common sense theories. For the departing dogs betting system, the situation that bettors look for is an underdog victory in the penultimate game of a series in which the underdog gave up six hits or less.

When a favored team loses to an underdog while getting six hits or less, it signals a batting slump that swings the odds slightly in the underdog’s favor without showing up on the line. Also, the payout for an underdog win may be a bit generous because of the belief that the favorite will automatically bounce back to win the last game of the series.

These two factors combined appear to push the return on investment for players towards the black without having to think much about whether or not to lay down a bet.

Is It a Good System to Follow?

Like other systems that utilize an apparent “loophole” in oddsmaking, the success of the departing dogs betting system is dependent on odds and trends beyond the control of the player. If players and sportsbooks adjust their betting and oddsmaking habits to account for the departing dogs betting system, the “loophole” would likely close, making this system potentially unprofitable.

Nonetheless, this system has been proven to make a decent profit over the span of a year, making this wagering system a decent choice for those who have the patience to play trends over the span of an entire season to maximize winnings. When combined with other highly situational betting systems that have displayed the potential for gradual profit, like the high scoring favorites betting system, the chance to earn a good ROI rises.

Despite these and other trends, wagering enthusiasts should consider influences outside of the betting system when choosing a winner for any ball game. Issues like an injury to a key player or a change in playing conditions can override even the most sophisticated betting systems, causing you to lose money needlessly.