There’s no disputing that pitchers are the most important part of any baseball team, but exactly how important are they? Some argue that pitching, especially the starter for a particular game, isn’t as important to the outcome as you would think when it comes to betting odds. Baseball’s better dogs betting system was created with the intention of taking advantage of this statistical trend. Similar to other systems, the better dogs system has been verified as a potential opportunity to earn income over the lengthy 162 game MLB season.

Baseball’s Better Dogs Betting System Review

The wagering rules that make up baseball’s better dogs betting system are simple to follow and easy to implement. Simply look for home teams that have a moneyline of +110 or more. Then, compare their record with the team that they’re playing against. If the underdog has a better record than the favorite, place a wager on them.

Experienced baseball betting observers have noticed that oddsmakers tend to give favorites with a worse record too much respect based on the quality of the starters. If a good team starts a bad pitcher or if the team with the worse record starts a significantly better pitcher, sportsbooks appear to overcompensate for this scenario. This skews the odds slightly in the favor of the player, as the winning percentage of these teams end up outperforming the odds that are given.

Due to the psychologically inflated moneyline that underdogs receive, even a 50-50 record results in profits based on the odds advantage that players receive. In order to make money from this wagering system, players place a steady bet whenever this situation pops up, earning a profit at the end of the season due to the difference between odds and winning percentage.

Is It a Good System To Follow?

It should be noted that no betting system can absolutely guarantee winnings, despite how sound the system appears. Factors that happen just before a baseball game or during them can change the outcome at any moment. Put simply, sports are unpredictable by nature, and players should always give themselves the best chance of winning by performing due diligence before placing their wager.

That being written, baseball's better dogs betting system has shown a profit when applied over the course of the season, proving that the system has insight into how baseball games are won and how sportsbooks determine their odds. This insight is valuable even if you're not the type of person to subscribe to a betting system, as you can apply this trend to any individual ballgame before you decide to place a wager.

One interesting way to potentially take home a nice income through baseball betting systems is to utilize different systems throughout the course of a season, adding up smaller profits throughout a long season to come out with a nice payday after 162 games are in the books.