Being the new guy in the office can sometimes be hard. You don’t know where the bathroom is, can’t find the coffee or vending machines, and your work seems to take you hours longer than your more experienced colleagues. Just like when you are in the office, being a sports betting rookie can be just as annoying. Thankfully, we’re here to take you under our wing, and show you the ropes. On this page, you’ll find all the sports betting tips you’ll need to begin your sports betting career. Finding the bathroom? That part is up to you.

Online Betting: Getting Started

So you’re ready to begin – now what? Well, luckily for you we’ve created a “roadmap” below – answering the most frequent concerns bettors have as they begin. After reading each page you’ll be ready to choose your sportsbook, pick the best perks and avoid the dreaded drunken pitfalls. Let’s get started!

Picking a Sportsbook

Your first major decision regards where you will be doing your sports betting. Unfortunately, no matter how pleasing on the eye a site is, it really comes down to what is underneath that counts. By that we mean there are dozens of factors that come in to making a good match between sportsbook and bettor including reliability, betting odds, bonuses, loyalty programs, your betting experience, customer service, and more. Click the “Picking a Sportsbook” link above to read more about finding your perfect sports betting mate.

Managing Your Sports Betting Bankroll 

Once you have chosen your sportsbook and made a deposit, choosing the right betting strategy can literally make or break your gambling career. On the page linked above (Managing Your Sports Betting Bankroll), our team of experts will tell you about different options for managing your sports betting bankroll, from ways to easily grow that balance to strategies you may want to avoid. While there is no perfect betting strategy, knowing how you like to wager will help protect, and grow, your funds from the minute you begin betting.

How to Pick Sportsbook Bonuses

One of the greatest perks of online betting is the wide range of bonuses offered to new and returning customers. That said, not all bonuses are created equal; the most important factor for you comes in balancing the extra percentage you receive on your deposit to the rollover, or how much you have to wager before you can make a withdrawal, that accompanies a bonus. On this page you’ll find all the details you need to choose the sportsbook bonuses that suit your style of betting and the amounts you like to wager.

Comparing Sports Betting Odds

In online sports betting there are lines “leaders” and “followers”. The actual nuts and bolts of a sportsbook are the betting odds a site offers its clients. Some websites are quick to make line changes based on action, some offer low juice on wagers, while others make you pay for taking a favorite. On this page we’ll explain the differences in odds, and how important it is to you as a gambler to know those differences.

Drinking and Betting

So it’s Saturday night, you’ve had a few alcoholic beverages and there it is, just staring you in the face – a massive football parlay with a million dollar payout. What to do? Before you make the mistake of drinking and betting, read this page where we’ll explain to you the effects alcohol has on your brain when you’re sports betting, and why placing wagers should only ever be done when you’re as sober as a judge.