Sports Betting Futures

A futures betting commitment may not pay off in the short term, but its end reward is worth taking a chance on. Futures wagering is a popular way for bettors to put money down on a long-term bet, picking a specific team to win a championship before the season begins or during a particular campaign. These types of bets are difficult to assess during the early stages of a season, but with the right research and prep, your chances of coming out on top will be enhanced.

Future Betting Lines

Las Vegas and online sportsbooks will often post the first lines at the beginning of an off-season. For example, the minute a Super Bowl is completed, odds for the following NFL championship will be released. This gives bettors the chance to put their money on the favorites as early as possible.

Of course the danger in this type of wager is so much can change over a span of a full calendar year. For instance, if you’re putting your money on the New England Patriots to win yet another title in 2018, keep in mind Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — as good as he’s been over his career — will be in his 40s so his chances of getting injured are greater.

Have a game plan when embarking on futures bet. Putting your money down on a club that finished first in a current season does not necessarily mean they will come out on top in the playoffs. Also, you can make new futures bets as the season progresses. Odds will change throughout the campaign, offering new futures betting opportunities in each sport. 

Ready to embark on a futures wager? Here are some of the leading online sportsbooks to consider when placing your bets.


NFL futures bets are one of the most popular wagering market in North America. Bettors place their future bets early in often to make the best returns on the eventual Super Bowl winner. We have detailed the most likely champions for next season, so you can streamline your decision process.


Betting on NBA futures can go a long way. Since you’re placing a wager on an outcome that’s typically well off in the distance, the returns are higher. You’re less likely to hit on your bet for that reason, but there’s value in knowing your wager is a long shot.


The grueling Major League Baseball system consists of 162 regular season games, so it can be a difficult task to pick the eventual World Series winners. Our futures betting page is updated on a monthly basis, ensuring you have the knowledge at your disposal to make astute futures bets. 


The NHL always offers wonderful entertainment. And the NHL futures market is a great way to get involved in the game. Take a look at our futures predictions so you can make calculated decisions on who you think will lift the Stanley Cup this season. We highlight the viable favorites.


Ready for the MLS season? Before placing futures wagers on the team you think is going to win the 2017 MLS Cup, take a look at our designated MLS Cup futures page, which will be updated on a monthly basis to adapt to the changing odds, favorites, underdogs and expectations. 

FA Cup

The storied FA Cup is a tournament steeped rich in history and is one that all the big clubs still want to win. This tournament also offers lesser-known soccer clubs with a chance to pull off upsets dreams are made of, which makes for exciting betting opportunities.

Europa League

The Europa League, while playing second fiddle to the Champions League, is still one of the best club competitions in world soccer, which offers some brilliant betting opportunities, especially as many relatively unknown participating clubs are capable of pulling off the improbable.

Champions League

Europe’s premium club competition, the Champions League provides bettors with the best of the best. The juggernauts of world soccer go head to head in an exciting knockout tournament, the likes of which are unparalleled the world over. Get involved and reap the betting rewards. 

Futures Betting Strategy

The earlier you bank on a team to capture a championship, the greater odds you have of cashing in should your pick go all the way.

The most common future wagers come in the National Football League, as bettors immediately flock to sportsbooks following the Super Bowl to put their money on the favorites — or even the underdogs — for the following season.

Looking at the 2018 NFL future odds, the defending champion New England Patriots are +375 favorites to repeat. In this case, a $100 wager would result in a $475 payout should Tom Brady once again lead the Patriots to the Promised Land. 

While taking the odds-on favorite can be a safe wager in some cases, keep in mind no NFL team has repeated since the Pats accomplished the feat in 2004 and 2005.

Instead, try to put your money on a club that is on the cusp of winning the Super Bowl — like the young Dallas Cowboys, who are +800 favorites to prevail as champions in 2018. A $100 wager would pay out of a cool $900 if Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott can lead America’s Team to the NFL championship.

Underdog Bets

Then there is the option of going all in on an underdog you may think has a chance to win it all. Of course these types of wagers can be risky but as we witnessed during the 2015-16 Premier League season, anything is possible. That was the year Leicester City went into the season as improbable 5000/1 underdogs and came out on top as the champions.

As a joke, a Leicester City season ticketholder named Mandy Clarke placed a $14 wager on the Foxes to win the EPL champion. Nobody was laughing when Clarke cashed in on a $72,480 payout.

If you feel good about a team’s chances, take them. It doesn’t have to be an extraordinary amount — as proven with this Leicester City fan — as even a small wager can go a long way. But be realistic. Going all in on the Cleveland Browns just because they payout would be a dream come true, will only end in a nightmare.