Drinking while betting is a common mistake amongst bettors, and doing so can be a disastrous decision. Online gambling can be a thrilling endeavor, putting up your money on the chance of doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling it is risky, and that risk creates the release of adrenaline. Basically, betting amps you up, and if you’ve previously had a big win then the excitement usually increases.

You may be thinking “what better way to enjoy that feeling of euphoria than a few cocktails”, or conversely, “what better way to steady the nerves while you wait for the results of the final game of that 14 team parlay,” but you should avoid drinking and betting, here’s why.

Betting on Sports While Drunk: How To Avoid

Bet Before You Party

It is a Friday night (or Tuesday night, whatever, we’re not here to judge) and you’re getting ready to have yourself a little party. You’ve got your drinks, you’ve got your iPad, and you’ve got the recipe for one heck of losing streak.  We asked our team of former industry employees what the number one regret big players had when it came to betting on sports, and they agreed that betting after drinking was what they would hear time and time again.

Whether it’s a matter of forgetting to place a wager then making up for it by making too many bets, or whether it’s just acting on a whim and deciding “you know what, I like that Dallas Quarterback, he’s got a funny name, bet it all!” our experts agreed that if you’re going to drink alcohol and place some bets, make sure you do the betting part first.

Medical studies have shown that one of the first thinga affected when you drink is the judgment part of your brain, the one that prevents you from making stupid decisions – such as jumping over that fence, or making that 14 team parlay with all your balance.

Add in the effect of memory loss and you’ve got a potentially deadly (to your bankroll) 1-2 combination. Do yourself a favor, even if you don’t get your wager in before the big game, there will always be something else to bet on. Take a couple of asprin, eat a piece of toast and sleep it off. Your account balance will thank you in the morning.

Live Betting: Especially Bad When Drinking

Live Betting is a platform offered by most major sportsbooks whereby you wager on an event as it takes place; odds change in real time depending upon the action. While the options vary per book, the risk you undertake by live betting while drunk remains the same. Smart bettors know to do their research before betting on a game.

As the game progresses a sharp eye can spot trends or developments and then capitalize on a favorable line. Unfortunately, when you’re drunk your mind works a lot slower, and sometimes you don’t see the full picture. This means your ability to predict trends or react quickly to a live wager decreases.

You are therefore more likely to miss a good bet, or lock in a bad bet that goes off the board before you even realize what has happened. Live betting requires your full brainpower, so stay away from mind-numbing drinks before you dive into this field. 


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